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Moving to Renewable Heat Technologies: the Renewable Heat Incentive

Dependent as we are on fossil fuels to power our homes, streets and businesses, they are a finite resource. It’s therefore been a strategy over the last few years for the government to incentivise domestic home owners and businesses to find alternative sources of energy to depend upon. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) goes some […]

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In The Restaurant Starting Blocks with McDonald’s: New Consultancy Project

To receive a word-of-mouth recommendation is to be trusted to do a good job. This was certainly the case when professional construction consultancy Ward Williams Associates (WWA) opened the door to an opportunity for us to work with McDonald’s UK. Synergy has previously collaborated closely with WWA on building services consultancy for other client organisations. […]

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Helping Organisations To Become ESOS Compliant By December Deadline

The December 2015 deadline for the government’s compulsory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) provided Synergy with the opportunity to resolve this requirement for both existing and new clients. In order to highlight energy savings for large organisations and thereby reduce energy consumption across the EU by 2020, ESOS stipulates that regular energy audits need to […]

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