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Regional Distribution Centre, Leyland

About the building

This 30 acre site houses a 365,000sqft distribution center with 50,000 sq ft of office space and a comprehensive 12 bay vehicle maintenance unit.  It forms a strategic point in the Partnerships plans to expand in the north of England and Scotland and has the capacity to support circa 100 branches

Key facts

  • Designed to run with maximum energy efficiency and generate zero net carbon in operation with the construction of an energy centre
  • 365,000sqft with circa 50% cold storage running at 500kVA
  • All systems have been designed to accommodate the future energy center
  • BREEAM rating: ‘Excellent’
  • Synergy’s input from conception from completion with our in house expertise and close client relationships helped ensure the delivery of a landmark site for our client which is in line with their aspirations for carbon reduction

Overview of environmental features

The key features of the building include:

  • High levels of daylight in warehouse reduce lighting loads in conjunction with daylight sensing and comprehensive occupancy detection
  • LED lighting used throughout the warehouse and vehicle maintenance workshop
  • All systems have been designed to accommodate the future energy centre
  • No use of traditional refrigerants
  • Water saving sanitary ware and technologies, such as sanitary supply shut-off valves, installed as standard specification

Building services

At all stages of design the mechanical and electrical installations have been constantly reevaluated to provide optimum efficiency and minimize carbon emissions.  The site has been prepared for the future installation of an energy centre and all systems have been designed to ensure that this can be seamlessly integrated, from electrical intakes to absorption chiller and air handling units with the aim of making the site zero net carbon in operation

Energy saving measures include extensive use PIR controlled lighting and daylight linking to minimize energy use, coupled with highly efficient LED lighting with a proven payback of less than three years.  Through close collaboration between our engineering and BREEAM teams allowed us to influence the design to include additional measures such as pulsed water metering, seasonal commissioning and leak detection to ensure that the site was awarded a BREEAM rating of Excellent

Project team details

  • Client: Waitrose
  • BREEAM Assessors: Synergy BSS Limited
  • Employers Agent: Underwood Carpenter
  • Architect: Cotliegh Consulting / Smith Smalley Architects Ltd
  • Building Services Consultants: Synergy BSS Limited


“This marks another exciting chapter in our history and the growth of the Waitrose brand in the north west. We have really begun to establish our brand here and we are looking forward to making a continued investment and creating new jobs in what is rapidly becoming a heartland territory for us.”

Mr David Jones, Waitrose Supply Chain Director