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New office layoutHow does your office space affect the way you and your colleagues work? Is it space that helps you to be more productive? Or do you find yourself always looking forwards to leaving at the end of the day? Is it a noisy space where it’s hard to work, or a fun place that you look forward to spending time in?

In this post we thought we’d show you what we’ve done in our office recently. Do come and see our new work space anytime you’re passing!


Working with a New Synergy

At Synergy we celebrated 15 years of being in business on 1 January 2015. Our first 13 years were spent at White Waltham, in three different buildings as we expanded and grew the business. In December 2013 we moved to our current office in Ascot. A year later, with 32 people working in the offices, spread across one floor of the building, we decided that it was time to revise the office layout to better meet our business needs.

New office layout looking towards doorThe office had been divided into three separate areas and we all noticed that communication between the areas was stifled and somewhat restricted. Two of the Directors had offices close to the main entrance door, which made it difficult to see beyond them and into the rest of the space. It was also hard for the admin team to see who was coming and going through the door – making it harder to properly welcome visitors.

The decision was made to go open plan with the office. The Director’s offices were moved to the far end of the space. This still allowed them their own spaces, from where they can see the rest of the team – and the team can see them! Desks were moved so that teams could sit together in the same spaces, allowing them to communicate more freely. When you can talk to your colleagues, or hear what they’re discussing, you can join in the conversation more easily. A number of issues have been resolved by people listening in on what the other members of their team are talking about.

KitchenWe still have two meeting rooms at one end of the office, where we can meet with clients in a quiet space. We have also kept the large kitchen and seating area, where anyone can take a break and relax when they need to – very important for a happy working environment!