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ESOS logoThe December 2015 deadline for the government’s compulsory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) provided Synergy with the opportunity to resolve this requirement for both existing and new clients.

In order to highlight energy savings for large organisations and thereby reduce energy consumption across the EU by 2020, ESOS stipulates that regular energy audits need to be carried out. Read our previous blog post to find out more about ESOS or head to the government’s ESOS page.

Planning is Key

With the requirement for organisations to become ESOS compliant by the end of last year, we were asked by one of our long term major clients to plan, assess and work closely with them to hit the Environment Agency’s deadline of 5 December 2015.

We ensured that there was a project plan in place and assessed the most effective method for carrying out ESOS compliance. Resources were then allocated from both sides to carry out the project.

What did ESOS Compliance Entail?

Many of our existing clients operate many hundreds of different sites across the UK. Our primary ESOS compliance project entailed us recording the energy use for all UK locations and for many different building types, including stores, supermarkets, petrol stations & distribution centres.

We also assessed the fuel bills (electricity, gas, oil and biomass) for all of the locations and captured the amount of fuel used by transportation vehicles. This meant looking at the petrol and diesel usage of trucks, company cars as well as for employees who used their own cars for company business.

Energy scale

Having looked at various scenarios for the most effective method of compliance, stores were then benchmarked into different categories to see which of them were out of the benchmarking range. Those which were categorised as ‘out of range’ were then visited by the Synergy ESOS assessment team, and supported by our client’s maintenance team when on site. In total, around 60 site locations were surveyed, comprising approximately 10% of total property stock.

A Successful Result

Synergy’s chief assessor, Paul Cownley, completed the ESOS compliance project for our client by the 5 December 2015 deadline. Paul and his team carried out assessments and compiled comprehensive reports as to where significant energy could be saved, how much capital they could save and carried out a cost analysis of the recommendations. There is no legal requirement, though, for organisations to follow through on recommendations, only that the compliance process had to be completed before the December deadline.

As the organisation’s official energy assessors, Synergy is contracted to carry out energy performance assessments on all the client’s new and refurbished sites. High standards in environmental consciousness are very much part of our client’s ethos and this shines through when we carry out these regular energy assessments for them. On average, we can attest that their sites are 30% more efficient than standard regulations state they need to be.

To find out more, call Paul Cownley on 01344 874 446 or click here to email him.