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Scope of Design

Synergy provides innovative and “commercially aware” design solutions for a wide range of mechanical building services elements.

This typically comprises (but is not limited to) the design and specification information, associated with the following:-

  • Main Incoming Statutory Services requirements
    (Refer also to separate Statutory Services Management section on the web-site)
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Fire Engineering
  • Public health
  • Acoustics
  • Building Management Systems
  • Energy Modeling

Syn Plantroom BIM 3

Design Information

All design calculations are supported using software based calculation packages such as TAS, Hevacomp, etc.

All design drawings are produced using Autodesk software’

Mech Plantroom

Contractor Selection

Synergy can provide input and assist clients with selection of appropriate specialist sub-contractors and their suitability for different types of project.

Cost Advice

Synergy assist, and provide input to, the appointed cost consultants, in respect of budgetary cost plan allowances and review of contractors prices via any tendering process.

Site Monitoring

Synergy can also provide periodic a site monitoring role, to ensure that electrical services  installations are progressed and completed in line with any particular client’s specification and requirements .

This would include witnessing commissioning activities and signing off completed installation on behalf of any client organization.

Condition Surveys

Synergy can carry out visual condition surveys and provide reports of existing electrical services installations within existing buildings, where particular clients are considering:-

  • Refurbishment or Extension of an existing premises.
  • Acquisition of existing building from a third party

Please contact us for further details.