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Statutory Services Management

Statutory Services Management

Synergy started offering this service after witnessing the frustration clients were experiencing trying to get commitment from various statutory services authorities for installation and services ‘live’ dates. In many cases the statutory services providers were dictating building programmes and all too often failed to meet dates where they claimed site conditions were not sufficiently advanced.

As the Statutory Authority project elements can often dictate the project programme and carry significant capital cost which if not identified at the right time can cause significant impact to the construction process Synergy can take a co-ordinating role to alleviate these issues.


The key purpose of the Management Role is to deliver the following

  • Single point of contact
  • Clarity of Stats process
  • Real time status reports
  • Risk reduction
  • Collation of existing Stats records
  • Quotations for new Statswater2
  • Real time status reports
  • Minimising Stats timeline
  • Building relationships with Stats
  • Provision of Stats continuity
  • Site monitoring to ensure the programme delivers the statutory authority requirements for installation
  • Meter installation liaison
  • Energy provider liaison
  • Energy Bureau Liaison
  • Streamlining Stats process – reduced timescales

GasPower for aluminium smeltingThe statutory services primarily dealt with are

  • Gas
  • Water
  • Drainage
  • BT
  • Electricity

This service has proven itself as invaluable to many clients who require certainty around services ‘live’ dates and identifies cost and programme requirements early in the design process.

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