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John Lewis Westfield White City opened 20th March

Amazing 230,000 sqft of pure John Lewis Style

Synergy were responsible for the M&E fit-out design which was completed 100% in 3D BIM

All M&E services have been modelled and coordinated in Revit which provided lifelike visualisations before the project was even tendered

The model has now been updated for Records and will be a valuable asset for future maintenance and store updates


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In The Restaurant Starting Blocks with McDonald’s: New Consultancy Project

To receive a word-of-mouth recommendation is to be trusted to do a good job. This was certainly the case when professional construction consultancy Ward Williams Associates (WWA) opened the door to an opportunity for us to work with McDonald’s UK.

Synergy has previously collaborated closely with WWA on building services consultancy for other client organisations. When asked if they knew of a reliable and experienced company who could consult on delivering on-site services for pre-fabricated restaurant buildings to newly designated sites, Synergy was who they recommended.

What the Project Entails

McDonald’s had pinpointed six new UK restaurant sites in total, five across southern England, and one in Wales. The sites are all designated to be ‘drive-thru’ restaurants, and located on a combination of existing established and newly developed retail parks.

The building construction that McDonald’s uses for their restaurants are of a modular, pre-determined type. These are so designed that the building ‘kits’ can then be delivered efficiently to site so that further construction work is kept to a minimum.

Smoothing the Path for Site Success

Synergy’s role for the client is carry out a thorough investigation into building services connections required across all six sites, followed by the production of detailed site drawings for implementation. Unlike some projects we carry out for clients, we were not required to deliver a full design-scale implementation.

To help deliver the best value to all the stakeholders involved in the scoping out of services needed for the McDonald’s restaurant sites, we build in expectations to the project that multiple landowners will required to be consulted for the project to be completed.

Ironing out issues arising out of which landowner is responsible for the delivery of which service to the site, is where Synergy’s expertise comes to the fore. Where there are multiple landowners involved, projects can sometimes be delayed by six months to a year, so it is necessary that we liaise with all parties to smooth out this path.

We are currently in the initial stages of the work for McDonald’s, with completion expected within 12 months. It is hoped that this building services scoping work will lead on to further projects for the client.

If you would like more information on this or similar consultancy projects, please call Simon Hunt on 01344 874 446 or email him here.

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Inland Homes 350+ Home Development Middx

Synergy have been appointed by Inland Homes to design all M&E Services for the new project on the former site of Brooklands College

To maximise the best use of space the vertical and horizontal services have been meticulously planned and modeled in 3D

Energy use on site is kept to a minimum by utilising central boiler plant and incorporating on site renewable energy generation

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