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IKEA image 2Synergy were given the opportunity by global furniture giant IKEA to partner with them on their new Order and Collection Point developments across the UK.

Order and Collection Points take the concept of click-and-collect stores to the next level, with the idea being that customers can pick up their ordered furniture, have a coffee and enjoy free wifi in the in-store café whilst also browsing a selection of best-sellers in a mini-showroom.

IKEA are known for building large, out-of-town stores that cover 250,000 sqft but with land at a premium in this country, they are now focusing on investing in the smaller concept store. In this way, they can take over existing commercial buildings such as shopping centres or warehouses that no longer have a use.

We were chosen as Mechanical and Electrical Design Consultants for IKEA, enabling us to explore fresh and exciting ideas in building services engineering and helping IKEA bring their home retail vision of Order and Collection Points to more customers across the length and breadth of the UK.

The First Order and Collection Point in Norwich

IKEA image 1Norwich was chosen as the first Order and Collection Point, designed as a compact 20,000 sqft sales area, plus warehouse space and an IKEA café. We were brought in to evaluate the site’s existing mechanical and electrical services and the building services infrastructure (electricity and water supply, drainage and pipe work).

Integrating IKEA’s existing building services model into a small space brings its own set of challenges and so by evaluating this environment, our experienced team of people brought valuable expertise to the project. It was also paramount that we keep capital and running costs to a minimum and maximise efficiencies where possible.

From conception to delivery on the Norwich store took nearly 6 months and it was opened successfully to the public in November 2015. Read more information here (link to IKEA webpage on Norwich opening).

Expanding on the Concept in Aberdeen

Aberdeen was the selected location point for IKEA’s second Order and Collection Point. Customers who would normally have to travel to Edinburgh or Glasgow to visit a full-size store can now look forward to having the IKEA home furnishing range and expertise brought much closer to home.

A former Currys warehouse at Wellington Circle in the city was identified as having potential for IKEA’s new concept. Initially, our brief was turn this old storage facility into the model used for the Norwich store. But it was quickly realised that more space was needed for warehousing as well as for the in-store café and ‘Markethall’ catering facilities.

IKEA Aberdeen is set to be twice the size of Norwich, covering around 40,000 sqft of floor space. It takes the same concept as the East Anglian model but incorporates more warehousing space including a ‘Home Hub’ area designated for goods assembly before dispatch.

The new Aberdeen Order and Collection Point is due to open in April 2016.

IKEA Aberdeen will not house the brand’s full product range but customers will be able to order any item for home delivery or for collection from the designated pick-up point.

IKEA image 3

The partnership with IKEA is exciting for Synergy, both in terms of the specialist expertise we can offer them in building services engineering and the opportunity to work with this multi-national company on a fresh new concept. Along with the Norwich store which is now open and Aberdeen which is near completion, we are delighted to be contracted to work with IKEA on several more Order and Collection Points over the next few years. It’s a journey we’re very much looking forward to.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can join you on your journey, please contact Synergy on 01344 874 446 or click here to email us.